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fire_12 Fire juggling: while there are only two pictures on this page, they are my favourites out of all the photos on this site. They were taken during Pinner Pantomime Evening in November 1995, when I was twelve-and-a-half! 25-Nov-95 2 -
can_you_help This collection of pictures was processed from a film I found in the upstairs lounge at Zanzibar in Birmingham, in mid-January 2002. I went to a friends birthday party there but other people were also there who weren't with us. If you know who any of these people are, or are one of the people photographed, please get in touch, as I have this film for you. Not entirely sure about the date. 19-Jan-02 14 -
one_step_beyond One Step Beyond!: the University of Birmingham Circus Society Convention 2002, held on 16th March. It was the first convention I had been to, being a first year, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! If you are kicking yourself for not going this year, make sure you go next year! The majority of these pictures were taken by Jon. 16-Mar-02 23 -
giraffe Messing about at a great height: photos from a giraffe unicycling session in Chancellor's Court in the last week of the Spring term 2002. Pictures taken by Dean. 20-Mar-02 13 -
bham_uni_campus The University of Birmingham campus: these pictures of various views on campus were taken by Greg and I on the last day of the Spring term of 2002. Enjoy! 22-Mar-02 14 -
circus_works_02 The Works nightclub was the venue for the Circus Society end-of-year social 2002. Good laugh, the best bit for me was passing clubs round three people with Chris in the crowd afterwards, shame I don't have any pictures of that. Most of these were taken by Ali on Chris' camera. 05-Jun-02 14 -
dcgs_se_02 DCGS Summer Extravaganza! 2002: I think this is the third time I have performed at Dr Challoner's, now an annual thing for me, and always a pleasure to go back and see what they are up to. Pictures taken by my Mum. 06-Jul-02 10 -
bjc_03 Pictures from the BJC 2003. 10-Apr-03 132 Review
euck_03 Pictures from EUCK (European University Championship Korfball) 2003, held at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey from 25th June to 4th July, 2003. 25-Jun-03 46 -
dcgs_se_03 DCGS Summer Extravaganza! 2003: this year I was joined by Gerard, Mike and Nick from Circus Society. The routine was one of the most challenging I have done to date. Pictures taken by Robin. 05-Jul-03 21 -
truck_03 Photos from the Truck Music Festival held in Oxford on the 19th and 20th of July, 2003. I think it's the fifth or sixth year it has been running, but only the first time I've been. Was a great weekend, highlights were Goldrush, British Sea Power and The Brotherhood of Fish (ESP). 19-Jul-03 30 -
grad_ball_04 Photos from the University of Birmingham Graduation Ball 2004, held at the ICC. Was a fab night! Great to see a load of people before we all go our separate ways. 17-Jul-04 52 -
cs_graduation_04 Photos from The School of Computer Science Graduation Day 2004. I wasn't graduating at this ceremony because my 'home school', as it were, is Mathematics & Statistics. None-the-less, a lot of my friends graduated with Computer Science, so I went along to get some photos. 19-Jul-04 15 -
tookay_04 Pictures from Tookay 2004 Scout & Guide camp held in the grounds of Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire from 24th-30th July 2004. I was part of the Site Service team which was responsible for collectively setting up the facilities on the camp, maintaining them through it's duration and then taking it all down at the end. Hard work, but good fun! 24-Jul-04 86 -
korfball_summer_04 Photos from the summer trip we went on to Appels Korfball Club in Belgium, then RISK in Rotterdam, The Netherlands the week after. We spent five days in Amsterdam in between. Quality! Sorry for the blurs on certain pictures here, my camera was playing up. 13-Aug-04 107 -
misc_pictures Miscellaneous pictures: pictures that don't fit in to any other categories. - 2 -

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