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I started playing korfball in my second year at Birmingham. I didn't go to any tournaments that year though, mainly because my timetable on Monday was horrendous (three hours worth of lectures from 0900-1200 and work due in), and also I didn't appreciate what tournaments were about. I did, however, go with Birmingham to a friendly when Keele were playing Manchester in a league game, when we went along to play them in between league games. I also went to the EUCK in Turkey, but other than this I had had no tournament experience. When I realised what I was missing out on, at the Lancaster tournament, I said to myself I was going to make an effort to go to as many tournaments as possible in this year, my final year. So I have decided to dedicate a whole area of the site to korfball, in particular to the diaries that I keep at the tournaments I go to. Some of these are quite long - I recommend you print them out. By the way, what is korfball? (Coming soon).

Year Event Description Date
2009 The KorfBALL 2009 The return of Notepad - for one night only! 09-May-09
2004 Nottingham beginners Nottingham is always a good tournament - being played in fancy dress. This year was no exception. We chose our theme to be "the army". We didn't do as well as we did in previous years, though. None-the-less, we had a wicked time and introduced a whole batch of freshers to the great game that is Korfball! :-D 11-Dec-04
Sheffield Details of the Sheffield korfball tournament 2004, held at the Hillsborough Leisure Centre. 14-Nov-04
Manchester Once again, a good tournament and social. Was it just me, or was the music really loud in Walkabout? Perhaps it is just me getting old. Was still a quality night, though. 30-Oct-04
Leeds A good tournament in Leeds, but getting up was a bit of a challenge. Nick and I stayed for the social as well, which I wasn't going to do originally. Glad we did! 31-Jan-04
2003 Keele (and Manchester) Two friendly games against each of Keele (Castle Korfball Club) and Manchester University, on the afternoon of Sunday, 23rd February. 2003. My first taste of korfball outside training! 06-Dec-03
Manchester The last tournament of 2003, but by no means the last of the year (academically speaking!) No-one from the Korfkats was able to make it, so I went alone. It was interesting in the sense that "scratch" teams were made up on the morning of the tournament, so you got to play against people you didn't know, an idea that worked very well. 18-Oct-03
Lancaster beginners The Lancaster beginners tournament, the first of the academic year. Was a bit of a pain to get to, and we ended up arriving an hour early, but still! A good start to this years korfball tournaments. 23-Feb-03

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